Hello, my name is Gillian Megan

I’m a 30-something accountant, living and working in South London. I love red wine, cheese, giraffes, and ladybirds. And my husband! This blog is a record of my adventures in knitting, crochet, dressmaking and maybe the odd bit of baking...

My Grandma taught me to knit as a small child, and since then my Mum and Aunt can be credited with guiding me through improving my techniques in all forms of crafting - always on hand via Facetime to explain to me where I've gone wrong!

Now that I've hit my 30's my group of friends is soon to be outnumbered by the tiny humans that keep arriving. All the beautiful babies have inspired me to create some of my own designs, and the projects I undertake are now a mix of my own patterns and items designed by other (more talented) folk!

This website is intended to document my journey in making crafty creations, and hopefully it may inspire you to start knitting, crocheting or sewing as well. Please feel free to leave a comment (including any helpful hints/tips that any more accomplished crafters may be willing to share!) or follow me on social media - you'll find many of my makes on Instagram tagged with #myfriendskeephavingbabies